Join us from wherever you are and become part of a global team of young planet protectors in this interactive experience. Part-theatre, part-film, part-escape room, this is a free stay-at-home eco-adventure for families and children aged 5 upwards.

Written and directed by Helen Eastman (In the Night Garden; Bicycle Boy; Alby the Penguin Saves the World; Alby the Penguin Saves Christmas) and created with Reading’s very own Time Trap Escape Rooms.

Starring Miles Yekinni and Rebecca Scott. Music by Alex Silverman. Design by Anna Orton. Puzzle illustrations by Louise Banks. Produced by Steph J Weller for Reading Fringe Festival.

Pip and Pearl: Planet Protectors has been designed to be enjoyed in one sitting – just like a real theatrical experience! It should take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

Please note this adventure is best completed on tablets and desktops / laptops only – it is not created for use on mobile devices.

After you’ve finished your adventure, be sure to click the HOME button so you can collect your Certificate and download your Activity Pack!

There’s no time to lose. The planet needs you!