Space Explorers

Andreas, Roland and Enrica met studying music in Düsseldorf, where they founded Visual Arts collective Warped Type and maker meets music act Making Sound Machines. Now they tour Europe and Asia with their visuals, work with Oscar-nominated composer Hauschka and engineer for German piano maker Bechstein. For Reading Fringe Festival, they invite you to explore their debut collab, a hands-on interactive sound installation.

  • Performer: Warped Type and Making Sound Machines
  • Price: Free
  • Tagline: Explore haunting soundscapes with Warped Type and Making Sound Machines
  • Run time: Various


  • Venue: Reading Minster
  • Date: Friday, 19th July 2019
  • Start Time: 19:00
  • End Time: 22:00
  • Venue: Reading Minster
  • Date: Saturday, 20th July 2019
  • Start Time: 11:00
  • End Time: 14:00