Oleg Denisov: Doublethink

If information is in infinite supply, why are we surprised it has no value? Moscow’s top (yeah, only) satirical stand-up, the “quick-fire funny” (Vin Arthey, Scotsman) Russian returns to the UK from the Neo-Archaic Futureland! A political animal from Putin’s petrified forest, and philosopher by training, Oleg, will third-world-splain propaganda and democracy, dissect Russian political zeitgeist and test limits of identity and knowledge.

“Preternaturally funny and brutally intelligent!” (Ellyn Daniels, producer/actress).

  • Performer: Oleg Denisov
  • Price: £8
  • Age suitability: 18+
  • Tagline: Russian comedian's political satire about identities and devaluation of knowledge.
  • Run time: 60 mins


  • Venue: Purple Turtle
  • Date: Wednesday, 25th July 2018
  • Start Time: 19:30
  • End Time: 20:30
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