Continued Conversations with Reading Refugee Support Group

Reading Refugee Support Group in partnership with Rank & File Theatre

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Following on from last year’s Conversation with Refugees, we invite you to join us for Continued Conversations with Refugees: A night of theatre, music and conversation. Featuring music from Limpopo Groove, and theatre from Rank & File. We will be discussing how Covid-19 has affected the refugee community in Reading, and expressing our thoughts and desires for a united future post lockdown.

LIVE Panels & Talks
  • 60 mins
  • If you've enjoyed the show, do please consider showing your support by buying the artist a coffee? Donate to the Artist Please register to view

Available to view via this page:

  • From: Thursday, 23rd July 2020
  • Start Time: 15:30
  • End Time: 16:30
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