Bubbly Bubbles

Award winning artist creates bubbles of all shapes and sizes that amaze, delight and puzzle audiences. Mesmerising ethereal balls of colour, so thin they barely exist. Laughter, gasps and squeals accompany magical moments, rising and falling spherical delight, fog-filled cubes and the bubble holy grail, the “kid in a bubble”.

  • Performer: Caroline Ainslie
  • Price: £8, family ticket £25 - under 2s free
  • Tagline: Be Amazed by Giant Bubbles, Square Bubbles and Dazzling Colours
  • Run time: 60 minutes


  • Venue: Penta Hotel
  • Date: Friday, 26th July 2019
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • End Time: 14:30
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