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**Monday 1 July 2019 10am to Tuesday 2 July 10am**

To celebrate the launch of Fringe month, we’re giving you the chance to introduce someone to the delights of the Reading Fringe Festival – for free! But be quick – this offer lasts just 24 hours!

Featured shows

30 Neo Futurist Plays from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (Blue Goat Theatre)
A Night at the Musicals (Thomas Cameron)
A Night in the Ruins Silent Disco ft Pete Wheeler (Readipop) & Dave Maul (AYL)
A Special Relationship (English Theatre of Dusseldorf)
A Very Crayola Fringe Show (Crayola the Queen)
After Dark Comedy Competition winner: Lucas Jolson
An Afternoon of Irish Dance (Maguire O’Shea Academy)
Arturo Castro Nogueras: La Vereda Del Silencio
Before We Go Dark: A Swan Song Before Extinction (Mixtape Rock’n’Roll)
Bubbly Bubbles (Caroline Ainslie)
Bubbly Maths (Caroline Ainslie)
Clown Sex (Working Birthday)
Conversations with Trees (Thomas Strønen, Hannah James, Jackie Oates)
Cycling Around the World (Tim Millikin)
Dan Collins: Murder for Beginners
Dan Webber: Genre Fluid
Daniel Audritt: Trying to be Good
Diagnosed (MA Productions)
Eddie Summers School of Burglary
Educating Georgia (G n T)
Gerard Harris: Attention Seeker
Ignacio Lopez: Cascade
It Just So Happened (Mirth of Forth Productions)
Jim Campbell: Work in Progress
Joakim Gunby: Why Even Bother
Jude and the Technocrats
Kyle D Evans: Maths Madness
Kyle D Evans: Pop Song’s for Pedant’s
Ma Bessie
Marvelo’s Circus! (Bus King Theatre)
My Shadow and Me (Shadowgraphy)
Natalie’s Marvellous Mishmash of Musicals (Front Room Theatre)
Old Skool Art Battle (Make Space)
Oleg Denisov: Russian Troll
Preet Singh: Hometown Brown
Professor Elemental
Reading Fringe Film Festival
Reading Rdg! (JMA)
Richard Pulsford: It Just So Happened
Robert Garnham: Spout
Sarah Southern: Tentatively Tory
Simon Caine: Every Room is a Panic Room if you Overthink Enough
Stanza Shots (Damon Young)
The Committee
The Gates (Sam Enthoven & Laura Sampson)
The Live Looper! ft Eve Carnall
The Mariner’s Song (Kinkyfish / Rajan Sharma)
The Tonyx and Holly Shillito
The Trees Are Out to Get Me (Double Okay)
The Zap Show (The Zap Comedy Club)
Throw Away! (Det Andre Teatret)
Tom Glover: A Glover not a Fighter
Too Busy Living to be Dying (Martyn EEK Cooper)
Transhuman Art Critics ft Emil Schult & Emma Nilsson: Eurasia Project
Vince Atta: Attack or Die
Wellbeing with Yoga Reading