How much does it cost to perform?

For returning acts there is a performance fee of £35 to perform; for new acts it is £40 (this will need to be transferred or sent by cheque).

There is also a £100 deposit that can be given to us in the form of a cheque; this will only be cashed if you pull your show out of the Fringe after the programme has already gone to print.

You will get a 50/50 split of the box office and 100% of any merchandise you sell.

What questions are in the application form?

Please note applications for 2019 are now CLOSED.

If you want to see the application questions before applying, you can download a pdf of RFF Application Form 2019 here.

Please do not submit via the pdf form – please apply using the electronic form here.

If you need the form in another format, please contact producer@readingfringefestival.co.uk

Will I get a review?

We work with local partners to ensure as many of the shows as possible get a review and star rating from a reviewer. These reviewers will either be from the Fringe or one of our local media partners including Explore ReadingGetReadingReading ChronicleThe Henley Standard or the Whitley Pump.

You will also get feedback from the audience, along with a star rating, via the audience feedback forms distributed by our volunteers.

What kind of marketing support will I get?

Our friendly team are always on hand to provide support and advice, so please do contact us if you need anything. However here are some things that will help you with planning for your budget and your visit. Here are the best routes for marketing at the Reading Fringe – but do let us know if you have had a good experience with other avenues, and we’ll add them in.

Facebook – Facebook advertising is how we attract the majority of our audience members in Reading. But also posting in local groups. For a list of local groups do get in contact! (not sure how to advertise on Facebook? Then give this short video a watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYGYV-5nTaY)

Twitter – as well as sending out regular, varied content via your Twitter feed. It can also be worth arranging tweet swaps with other shows. So keep an eye on the programme for other, relevant shows – we are happy to put acts in touch with each other, if you don’t have any luck hunting each other down! And don’t forget to use #rdg #rdguk to make sure you’re picked up by local feeds!

The Programme and flyering – so long us as you send us your materials by the deadline, you will be listed in the programme. The programme is distributed at various events on a weekly basis in the weeks running up to the Fringe. If you’d like some extra exposure, come down and help the Fringe team with distribution, bringing your own flyers to give out too! Unfortunately, we are unable to distribute flyers on your behalf as we do not have the capacity.

How are the venues assigned?

In your application you are able to identify your venue preferences. Venues are then be assigned in accordance with your technical requirements and space needs, so please provide as much detail as possible in your application. We do understand that needs may change so let us know as soon as you know so that we can try to help. Please be aware that if you need additional tech support this will be chargeable.

We will also look at what type of act you are bring, as some venues are better suited to certain genres, have an existing audience for that particular type of show!

Please see the Venue Specs page for a summary of key venues.

Will I get a tech rehearsal?

Yes! The Fringe Producer will be in contact to book your slot, should you need one. You will have one hour for free in the venue. If you need technical support for this rehearsal, then please identify it in your application – you will be given an opportunity to change this requirement later, but the sooner the team know your possible requirements, the better. If you need a longer slot, then please let us know in advance – if we can accommodate a longer slot we will. Please note, there may be a charge to this.

What do I have to provide?

In order to perform at the Fringe we will need evidence of:

Public Liability Insurance up to £5m – if you have your own then fab, but if you don’t then please let us know as (depending on how many shows you are doing), you may be able to add yourself to the Fringe’s PLI for a fee.

Signed Contract – we will need this signed and returned to us by the date specified. The contract will also give you the deadlines for programme and marketing material.

Performance fee – £40 for new acts; £35 for returning acts.

Deposit cheque – for £100, cashable should you withdraw from the Festival once the programme has gone to print.

Where do I go when I arrive in Reading?

Fringe HQ will be open from 9am to 5pm. This is where you can pick up your:

  • act passes, enabling you to watch other shows for free
  • Fringe programme
  • map of Reading, along with any discount codes or cards that may be available for you.

More importantly however, someone will be there to answer any questions you may have!

The location for the 2019 Fringe HQ will be confirmed before the festival.

I don’t fancy performing – how else can I get involved?

We’re always looking for volunteers to come onboard the team. There are so many different activities and tasks involved in putting on a Festival, we’re bound to have something that will make use of your skills, and that you’ll enjoy! Check out the Be A Volunteer page for more info or email sarah@readingfringefestival.co.uk