Resources in a time of Corona(virus)

UPDATE: We are delighted to confirm that after receiving emergency funding from Arts Council England Reading Fringe Festival 2020 will take place online from 17th-26th July! Read more here

A message from Festival Director Zsuzsi Lindsay

Hello, I’m Zsuzsi, the director of Reading Fringe Festival, scheduled to take place in July.

In the light of this week’s government announcements, we wanted to give everyone an update on what plans we’re making at Reading Fringe.

The health of our artists, audiences, staff ,volunteers & venues is our highest priority, so we’ll be following all further announcements closely.

But we think it’s really important to acknowledge that this is going to be an incredibly challenging time for our artists.

We remain committed to providing a platform for artists to perform and generate income while insuring we minimise the health risk for everyone.

Our Reading Fringe Festival Committee is currently modelling alternative ways of staging the festival in July.

We plan to have more clarity for our artists and audiences within the next two weeks.

In the meantime, we just want to send our artists, audiences, staff, volunteers and venues our love and deep respect. We haven’t forgotten about you, and we stand in solidarity with you.

Thank you.


Sources and links to help you stay creative 

Here’s a collection of sources and links for the creative industries that we’re coming across as we spend more time indoors and online – whilst we’ll aim to update these very 48 hours, things move very quickly at the moment so please be aware that some of these may already be out of date.

Last updated: Tuesday 2nd June

To keep you informed

Mental health and wellbeing

Please, if you are experiencing mental health challenges, overwhelming uncomfortable emotions, thoughts of self harm or suicidal ideation, then seek help.

The most immediate help for UK residents is Samaritans. Call them on 116 123 or email 

Official sources

Sectoral support

Useful social media support and information groups and accounts

  • UK Theatre Industry Coronavirus Support – this is an incredibly useful page set up by Benjamin Newsome to gather and curate the most useful resources for everyone working and living within the UK Theatre Industry during this troubled time. It is regularly updated
  • Anti-viral work for freelancers and small businesses
  • #ProducersCobra – set up by producer Francesca Moody to provide a shared and mutual support advice and guidance for producers in the industry. Follow her @ChescMood or search #ProducersCobra
  • Theatre Producers Union – resulting from the #ProducersCobra on 18/03/2020 as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Aims to build a network & hardship fund for theatre producers of all levels. Follow @union_producers

To keep you creating

Grants and funding


Top tips

To keep you entertained