Meet the team

Festival Director | Zsuzsi Lindsay

Zsuzsi was one of the founding members of the Reading Fringe Festival. Since then, she has managed the Reading Year of Culture and started the Reading on Thames Festival. She is passionate about the arts, and about the power of the arts to unite, give confidence, educate, support an economy and create community. She is looking forward to continuing to build on the success of previous years of the Fringe, but also to link up more with cities, towns and villages all around the world.

Producer | Steph Weller

Steph is a freelance Producer specialising in outdoor arts, who enjoys ambitious projects with inspirational creatives, resourceful tech teams and ingenious stage managers. Although she travels to wherever she’s needed, she particularly enjoys supporting local companies and artists, as well creating work with her company Working Birthday. Steph is an Old Vic 12 Producer.

Artist Liaison | Sarah Stuffins

Sarah has been involved with the Reading Fringe Festival since the very beginning, starting out with baby stewarding steps and progressing to Volunteer Manager from 2017. She now works alongside Steph as Artist Liaison. Volunteering for charities and bringing enjoyment to others has been at the heart of much of what Sarah has done for fun since she was a teenager. Sarah started as part of a scheme to help disabled residents of a local home to get to church every week. Since then she’s been involved with Save the Children, the National Childbirth Trust and, for the last 12 years, the Federation of Children’s Book Groups. You might be sensing a theme there – and one of Sarah’s great hopes is to see the family programme of the Fringe grow year on year.

Technical Manager | Liam O'Brien

Liam has been involved in live events since college, and has done a bit of everything. From music festivals, camera rigs, working in theaters, and corporate AV, through to being involved with charities in Reading, and hosting open mic nights, there’s not much which comes as a surprise anymore! Now running AV Events, Liam will be providing the technical backup and reference to the Fringe Staff, and supporting the technical volunteers manning the individual events.

Box Office & Admin Manager | Chris Moran

Chris is a playwright, actor and director who loves all aspects of theatre and is passionate about Fringe theatre in particular. Her play, Getting Over Steven, won Pick of the Reading Fringe in 2014 and she has a new piece in this year, Do My Boobs Look Big in This? She has been Box Office Manager for Reading Fringe for several years and loves the whole atmosphere Fringe week. In her spare time she works as a textile artist and German translator.

Social Media Manager | Michelle Donkin

Michelle is an educator, producer and brand strategist. She is the joint Artistic Director of Cast Iron Theatre in Brighton. A writer to her core, she is all about narrative and helps Reading Fringe tell its story across social media. She believes in celebrating the work of all artists and theatre makers. She loves shouting about plays and events, messing about with tech and helping artists to find their audience.

Volunteer Manager | George Field
Accessibility Expert | Marie Rose

Marie started as a general volunteer with the Fringe festival. She has been a full time carer for her partner for ten years and is a firm believer in making all things as accessible as possible. She loves all forms of art and the joy that art can bring to people.

Marketing and press | Tom Ryan
Finance Manager | Heather Noble
School Competition Coordinator | Trish Grimes
Sponsorship Manager | Vacant

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