Welcome to The Potting Shed!

The Potting Shed was a gardening series brought to you by Reading Fringe Digital in partnership with BCA Berkshire College of Agriculture.

It was launched in June 2020 as part of the run-up to Reading Fringe Digital, the Arts Council England funded online festival. You can read more about Reading Fringe Digital here.

In the series, horticulturalist and lecturer Chris Lambert answered your gardening questions. Check in to The Potting Shed to learn more about your garden!

If you have questions for future series’ of The Potting Shed, please email them and any relevant photos (landscape orientation please), along with your town / location to chrislambertgardening@gmail.com

The Potting Shed: concept and production by Steph J Weller

Episode 1: Carrots, Weeds and Pests

Episode 2: Sites, Situations, Chillies and Pests

Episode 3: Heathers, Bulbs, and Why’s Me Plant Dead

Episode 4: More plant problems, wildflowers and harvesting your peas.

Episode 5: Growing jasmine, pruning wisterias and all about beans