‘I truly believe they will become stars’- Africa Entsha’s performance in Reading.

October 10, 2013

Africa Entsha, an accapella group from South Africa, performed at the Reading Fringe in July and I was one the lucky members in the audience! They arrived on stage to perform their show, and as soon as they began the stage was filled with harmony of an unexpected genre of music, which months later beckons me to return to witness these extremely talented young men.

I am not a musician myself so cannot explain the techniques they used but what I can say is that every song they performed was amazingly harmonized with not only their voices, but with the use of their feet, by stamping and dancing on the stage to create the beat, or their hands clapping!

Not once during their hour performance did I loose interest, each song drew you into their amazing ability to entertain you! For the entire hour they sang and danced tirelessly making you want more! The energy they generated in the room had all the audience members tapping their feet, and dancing discreetly in their chairs.

I cannot speak highly enough of this group, I truly believe they will become stars.


By Marianne Lindsay

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